Thursday, January 18, 2018

This Machine

I would have never guessed how much everyone would like this sewing machine that Bethany got for Christmas. Everyone is constantly standing over the machine and watching whoever is sewing and trying to get a chance themselves. It has been used constantly since we got it set up and working. Andrew seems to have really taken a liking to it. Bethany isn't always happy about that, as he wants to take over and try out everything on the machine -- that's the way he is, always taking things apart and trying out anything and everything he can. Piper has already said she is asking for a sewing machine for Christmas -- thinking way ahead. 

I actually get a lot of joy watching them sew. I think Bethany has used up every single scrap of material she can find and now says she is saving to buy more. Watching them makes me want to learn how to sew.

Andrew is figuring out how to do something new as the girls all wait - again, I don't think Bethany wants him to figure out anything. She just wants to move ahead on her own. Actually, this evening I found Bethany in a room all alone with the machine set up and sewing. She said she just wanted to sew by herself. I guess we need more than one machine. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Baby Blankets

The girls got to their sewing class today to learn that the material we bought would not work. We bought a fleece and we were supposed to by flannel. She said the girls were not ready to work with the fleece. So, we had to run buy more material and fast. They only had a few minutes to pick out the new fabric as the instructor was waiting to start their class. But, I think they both picked out really cute fabric. I think I actually like it better than the fleece they had chosen before. They worked all morning on the blankets and they turned out really nice. Bethany took her new machine that she had gotten for Christmas to the class and the teacher helped her get it set up. So, she used her own machine this time. 

The fabric that Tess chose. I think it is really cute for a little boy.

Bethany chose this for the girl. We just call them the boy and girl as my daughter and her husband have not chosen names yet. The one Bethany chose was nursery rhymes. 

Then Bethany decided to get out her machine and practice. She and Andrew got it set up and then he wanted to learn how to use it. They practiced for a pretty long time - until I realized Bethany had not done her math and the math tutor comes tonight. 

Somebody was getting a little irritated with her brother for hogging the machine.

Finally, all hers to use.

Unfortunately, Piper had to work on her ABCs and it was taking her a long time. She did not even get to try out the machine because it was put away before she finished. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Project

Bethany and Tess start their sewing class again on Tuesday. Their next project is to make a swaddle blanket for their niece and nephew that will be born in April. My daughter that lives in Louisiana is expecting twins in April - a boy and a girl. Tess and Bethany thought it would be fun to each make a blanket for a baby. Bethany is making one for the girl and Tess the boy. So, today we went out and they each picked the fabric. It took a little while, but they finally both found something they were happy with. They are pretty excited about this and can't wait to finish and mail them.