Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bella -- Two Years Home

Two Years. Seems like she has always been here. There really isn't a lot to tell. She is a dream child. Seriously. She can go to her room - which she does often - and play for an hour or more by herself. Really play. She will stack blocks, look at books and play with her dolls. She does this almost daily. She is happy to play by herself and with her siblings. 

She is happy, content, loves attention, loves books, likes to dance and watch her older siblings do school. She is usually quiet and fairly calm. She has learned many signs -- ball, fish, more, eat, baby, stop, all done, water, book, shoes, socks, drink, thank-you, cat, I love you, dirty, sorry, bath, and quite a few more. 

She talks a little, but not a lot. She can say, "want snack" and will not stop saying it until we give her something to eat -- she definitely has that one down. 

She does have quite a temper at times -- it is fast and short. Make her mad and she will jerk around and stomp her foot. It is actually kind of funny but I'm sure it won't be when she is 10 or 11. 

She absolutely loves to eat. It is like she is never full. If you have anything to eat, she is right by your side. Food is definitely the way to her heart. 

I know the squirrel doesn't belong in the Bella post, but he is the squirrel that watches her eat breakfast every morning. He sits in the window and just watches. He is actually waiting for his Cheez-Its that we feed him each morning. We have to be careful when we open the window to feed him as he will try to get in. Bella has gotten so used to him that she barely pays attention to him any more. We all have. 

Bella is super connected to Sophia and is always concerned about her. If Sophia cries -- Bella cries. If Sophia is upset and yelling -- Bella is there whining and crying. She can't stand for Sophia to be upset. She even gets out of her bed some mornings and climbs in with Sophia to keep her company.

Bella can move through the house so quietly and entertain herself for such long periods of time that I find myself looking for her often. She loves to go up to Sarah, Caroline, and Bethany's room, close the door, and get into their stuff -- dolls, doll clothes, dress-up, and lots of little suitcases full of small dolls, animals, and tiny toys. She is so content.

She is no trouble at all. Nobody minds babysitting her as she is so easy. She will sit with you or play with you or just watch whatever you are doing. She very rarely gets into anything or into trouble. It is so strange to have such a child. 

She is such a blessing to us. She is so loving and we all love her so much. I can't imagine not having this child. 

Next I will do Sophia. Hopefully, it won't take me long to get it together. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We woke up this morning to snow. All the kids were so excited -- well, maybe not Bella and Sophia. It wasn't much and it was gone by the afternoon, but the kids had a lot of fun for a couple of hours playing in it. We don't get much snow here so every little bit is a thrill to the kids.

Sarah doesn't enjoy being outside for very long at all. She is ready to go back in within fifteen minutes. She doesn't look thrilled to be outside does she? 

After a little break, Sarah came back out and enjoyed herself for another fifteen or twenty minutes.

After playing for awhile, they came in and had hot chocolate. Bella didn't join in the outdoor fun, but she did have some marshmallows with no hot chocolate. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

One Warm Day

Last week we had a day of slightly warm weather and Bethany and Andrew were the first out the door. They couldn't wait to get outside and play. They seemed to be the only ones that really wanted to go out -- I think it was still a little cool for the others. Sarah and Caroline did eventually go out for a few minutes to ride their bikes.  I am already dreaming of warmer weather. 

Bethany is working on a fairy house -- the first thing she thinks of doing as soon as she can get out to play a little. 

I still plan on doing a two year update on Bella and Sophia. I am looking for some pictures to post of them and so I had to go back through a bunch of pics. I will try to get the post done this week. 

Maybe this is an odd ending to this post, but the other night I went up to bed and after I turned out the light and as I was getting in bed I looked out my window. I do this just about every night. This is what I saw -- my neighbor's house that is over a hundred years old. I think it was build in 1905. They actually moved the house to the lot it is on across from us -- totally took the house apart and moved it from another part of town. It is a beautiful old Victorian home, but the nicest thing is that my neighbors keep their Christmas candles and lights up for a long time after Christmas and I get to enjoy the beautifully lit up home for weeks and weeks after Christmas. Such a nice ending to my day. So, that evening I got out of bed and went and got my camera and took a picture through my window.