Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Swing

My oldest son built a swing in his yard and asked us to come by and see it. So, I took Sarah and Bethany and rode over to take a look. It is a beautiful swing and Sarah and Bethany loved it. I would love a swing like this in my backyard, but I just don't have the big sturdy trees they have. I will probably have to have a frame built as I just can't seem to find a nice, big strong branch. After watching them swing for a little while I decided I really needed to get ours up -- I actually bought one last year and it is still sitting in the utility room waiting to be put up. 

They have a really great yard. We enjoyed walking around and Bethany loved running and playing there -- Sarah's not a fan of lots of exercise so she sat on the swing and porch a lot. 

They have lots of trees and vines and thorn bushes -- a great place for kids to run and play and use their imagination. 

Shannon and Madelyn out front as we get ready to leave. 

Bethany and Sarah have asked several times about going back to swing and now Caroline is asking when she can go. I guess I better get our swing up soon. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sleeping Beauty

Bella and I were sitting on the front porch together and I looked over and she had fallen asleep in a matter of minutes. I was hoping I could get her picture and not wake her up and I did. This child is so sweet. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

In The Garden

I love flowers and I have always wished I was one of those people that planted and worked in the yard and garden most of the spring and summer. I always think that I will do better this year and plant a vegetable garden and a flower garden. Of course, most of the time I never get around to it. I usually buy the seeds and occasionally I will actually buy a few plants. I will usually still have my packs of seeds at the end of the summer and know that again I have failed to be that person I want to be.

This year Bethany and I went out and bought lots of flower seeds in the spring. We were going to plant a garden. Again, time went by and the seeds sat in the house in the bag they came in. Finally, Andrew came to me and asked if he could plant the flower seeds. At first I didn't want him to as I was going to plant that garden this year. Then I realized that I probably wasn't really going to get it done and thought -- why not? So, I gave him the packs of seeds to do whatever he wanted and he was thrilled. He dug and planted and even weeded a little. 

Finally the flowers are blooming and they actually look very pretty and I am really enjoying them. 

Bethany and Jordan helped a little, but Andrew did most of the work. He would go to the window almost every morning and check to see if they had grown at all. 

He has been pretty excited about how well his garden has done. Now he and Bethany pick flowers to give to the neighbors and friends. 

 I'm thinking that maybe I will let Andrew plant the garden from now on. He actually does it instead of just dreaming about it like I do.