Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Old Dolls

Seems like we are always going through old dolls or old baby clothes or something and we did that again today. This time it wasn't dolls from the older sisters, but mine. I had a bunch of old dolls that had been up in the attic for years. I decided today was the day they would come down and get thrown away or given away. Of course, the kids didn't want to let a single one go. They had a lot of fun going through them and cleaning them off -- they were a mess, as they had been in the attic for years and years. They did not look very good, but that mattered not at all to the kids. 

Even Luke wanted to get into this and see the dolls. Some of these dolls I don't even remember. Maybe they aren't mine and got stuck in this bed in the attic somehow.

I have no idea where this next doll actually came from, but it was given to me when I was probably around 10 years old. It was very old then and kind of chipped and cracked. I took pride in the fact that I never broke it as it is so fragile. I don't remember what I named her -- I actually only remember calling her "China Doll". I can't believe it is still around and it has to be a very old doll. Her eyes won't open anymore. I think they did the last time I remember playing with her but something happened in all those years she has been in the attic. I actually had one other doll that was similar to this one and I took both of them outside and played with them all the time and never once dropped them -- though they did probably get some small chips on them. Don't know where the other one went. 

We spent probably a couple of hours cleaning up the dolls before my daughter came over with my grandkids. Then we went out to enjoy the beautiful weather. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Seven Years Ago Today

Someone asked me to continue to post old pictures so I thought I would go ahead and post some -- especially since I do enjoy going though them. It was a little hard to find some for this exact date, but I found some from seven years ago. I think I may do this at least once a month. I kind of enjoy it. 

Jordan, Andrew, and Bethany - 7 years ago today. Bethany and Andrew really look little. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sewing Project

Bethany and Tess made their next sewing project and I meant to post it in last night's blog post, but somehow left it out. They made pillows and they turned out nicer than I thought they would. I wasn't very excited about this project, but now I'm glad they did it. They were going to put the pillows on their beds but then ended up giving them as a birthday gift.