Sunday, January 15, 2017

Almost Wordless Sunday

Today was quiet. We went to church and then pretty much did nothing, though Bill did get the Christmas tree out of the house. The rest of the day the kids just played and then decided they wanted to take their dolls for a walk around the neighborhood. So, we walked and walked till it was getting dark. 

Please remember my son, Joey, in your prayers as he has had a hard few days. We are hoping that he will be feeling much better this week and able to get out and do some things with Shannon and the kids.

Pictures from today.

The kids insisted that this hole in the road looked like a giant's foot. 

By the time we were finishing up our walk and almost home, it was starting to get dark. Piper said she walked a long, long way and her legs were tired. It really wasn't that long. It was nice to be able to get out and walk. I love it when the weather is not so cold. 

It was a pleasant walk and then when we got home the kids had pizza and some of the brownies that Zola made. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Year Ago

A year ago today we were in China. Actually, Abigail and I left for China on January 2, 2016 and arrived very late on January 3. We then got up early on the 4th and went and picked up Piper. The next day we had to go out early and get Piper's passport and then catch a flight out to the next province. 

Piper on the day we picked her up. She was out of control wild once we got back to the hotel.

We landed in the next province on Tuesday night and when we were picked up we were told we would be getting Tess in the next hour. We were still in the airport and realized that she would get to our hotel just a few minutes after we did. We were a little surprised, as we were supposed to go pick her up the next day. We were exhausted from the running around and Piper was not on her best behavior, but we were excited. A few minutes after we arrived at our hotel Tess was brought up to our room. We could hardly believe that within two days of arriving in China we already had both girls. 

Tess, right after she got to our room -- she was very quiet and said almost nothing at first. We were so tired that we took very few pictures. Tess was so different than Piper. She was very quiet that first night - and I mean for the first night only. She also cried when she went to bed. She didn't cry out loud but we heard her sniffing and we knew. I lay down beside her until she seemed better and then she fell asleep. The next day she was a different person. 

The next day, Wednesday, we got up and ran around doing all the stuff you have to do - pictures, etc. Then we went back to our hotel and took the girls out for a walk. It was nice to get out by ourselves for awhile and let the girls walk off some energy.

It was quite a trip and Abigail and I remember it fondly - with a few bad spots. But, it went rather smoothly. We had time to shop and walk around and the hotels were all very nice - something I wasn't used to when traveling to adopt. Abigail and I have been talking about our trip and sending and showing each other pictures from it for several days now -- usually saying "a year ago today". 

The girls are doing great. Even better than I expected. I know we could have some attachment issues and I may talk about that later, but for now things are going very well. They are great kids. I am so glad I decided to ask if there was any way we could adopt from China when I saw Piper's picture one night. So glad I gave it a shot. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow Day

Today it snowed most of the day. It actually started sometime during the night, as we were sleeping, and we woke up to several inches. It continued until late afternoon. Of course, the kids couldn't wait to get out in it and I kind of dreaded it as I know the mess. But, they went out and had a lot of fun and actually stayed out a pretty long time. Then they came in and had hot chocolate. I think Tess stayed out the longest. 

After they had their hot chocolate, Bethany got out her knitting loom or whatever it is called, and started working on a hat for her doll. We had gotten two different colors of yarn so she could make a hat for each of the dolls she got for Christmas -- she got twins, a boy and a girl. 

Then Tess decided to get out the sewing kit she got for Christmas and Caroline got out the embroidery set she got. Everyone wanted to sew or make something. Even Sarah got in on it - she is usually not that interested in doing many crafts or sewing. After watching everybody for probably almost an hour she decided to run and get her beads and make a necklace. 

It was nice. Everybody had something to do and if they didn't - Bella - they watched and played with all the yarn and scraps of material. It was a very pleasant afternoon. 

A hat for Sarah's doll that was started the night before. The very first one from Bethany's loom.