Friday, March 16, 2018

It Won't Work! It Won't Work!

John stopped by with Liam and Evelyn early this evening for a little while. Evelyn found the bubbles and took them outside to blow them. I went out to watch her and she was blowing and blowing and couldn't seem to make any bubbles. It was really kind of cute as she kept saying, "It won't work, it won't work!" 

I see some bubbles so I guess it finally worked!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Little Warmer

I complained about the cold weather and expected more cold today, but we actually had a fairly nice day. It got up to about 60 degrees -- still a lot cooler than I like it, but not bad. The kids stayed out for hours and it was so nice to see them running and playing. I had to call them in for dinner and they begged to go back out and play a little more after they ate. It was so nice. I can't wait for really warm weather. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Boring -- that is pretty much what we are right now. That is also the reason I have not blogged. It is cold and we have pretty much only done school, read every morning and afternoon and the kids have played. I am just so ready for warm weather. Today I decided it was time to update the blog a little so I ran outside into the cold and took a few pictures of the kids. They didn't even stay out long as they said they were freezing. 

We decided we could make some cornbread together since we were having soup for dinner and the kids thought cornbread with it sounded good. So, we did that. We have definitely been pretty boring here, but I just know it will have to warm up soon and we can go to the Farmer's Market. I can't wait. Of course, the kids have had their new dollhouse to play with so they have had plenty to do. 

Zola got a new duck to replace the one the fox got and she won't let the kids mess with him yet because he is pretty afraid of everything. So, I let the kids stand back and look into the duck pen while I watched, so Zola would not be upset. She loves those ducks so much. 

We did have a pleasant afternoon making cornbread together and talking and enjoying the sun coming through the windows -- making it seem like it was a nice warm day -- which it wasn't. 

Bella is always so happy and she brings us so much joy. She just had a birthday and she just passed her 5 year anniversary of arriving in the states - January of 2013.