Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas - Day 4

We didn't really do much today, but I am going to count practicing for our Christmas program as something for Christmas because it is. I think practicing our small program after church definitely counts as a Christmas activity. We stayed after church for only about 20 minutes and practiced. It was our first and only real practice, but it is all we could seem to get done this year. Today there were only our kids there and that is basically the whole program unless the little boy that might be Joseph shows up next week. If he doesn't then it will only be our kids and I will find someone to be Joseph.

So, it will obviously be a rather small program and thank goodness our church still loves for them to do it. We have a wonderful and loving church family. 

I didn't take any pictures today of our practice. After we left church my daughter, Emily, sent me a little video she took of Bella while we were practicing. Bella looked so happy and sweet I thought I would just post it -- it is literally only a few seconds long. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas - Day 3

Before I tell today's special "thing" I wanted to mention Zola. She left this morning to go to Washington, DC to play the harp at the White House with the AYHE (American Youth Harp Ensemble). I know the group will have a wonderful time and we are very proud of how hard Zola has worked. 

So, today's special thing was that we baked gingerbread cookies. Andrew asked if we could do this first thing this morning. It seemed like a good day to bake as it was pretty cold outside and the kids weren't very interested in going out. Well, Piper wanted to but there was nobody to play with. 
So, Andrew got things going and I think Piper and Tess had more fun than anyone. They at least made more mess than anyone else!

Just about everyone helped. Some were more interested in decorating than baking, but everyone at least hung around and helped a little. It was very pleasant for me as Andrew did all the work and I just watched, talked, complimented and took pictures. My kind of project.

Bella absolutely loved doing this. She was so excited and tried to help with everything. 

I think this was a great success today. Then I let them watch a Christmas movie and have some of their cookies -- the way they looked there was no way we could give any away!

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas - Day 2

Before I tell what we did today I would like to ask for prayer for our son, Joey, who will be having an MRI done tomorrow. There is always a little anxiety that goes along with the scan. He actually won't know anything tomorrow as he doesn't see his doctor until the 9th -- I think. But, please say a little prayer for him. 

So, today we got out the wreaths that go on the front columns. They didn't look too good but we worked on them and found some red bows and tied them on. In the end they looked ok - not great, but we were happy enough. Somehow this year getting things "just right" doesn't seem to matter much to me. Things don't have to be perfect. We are just trying to enjoy the season and keep the real reason for Christmas as the focus. 

After we finished, Andrew made some cookies while Piper watched and everybody else stayed outside -- the cookies were from a package, though. We will make real cookies soon.