Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sophia's MRI Results

Last week we got the results of Sophia's MRI. We met with her neurologist and he showed us pictures, explained some things and gave us a DVD with over a hundred pictures of her brain. She has had a stroke at sometime in her life -- probably either in utero or during her open heart surgery that she had around a year old. It was a massive stroke and did quite a bit of damage. The doctor told us that the bottom line is this: she is basically missing 50% of her brain matter on the left side. Considering the diagnosis, it is amazing to me that she is doing as well as she is. So, at this point I guess I don't know what to expect. Only time will tell. We are getting things set up for her to start OT, PT, and speech therapy as soon as possible.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mostly Pictures

Not much going on this week but thought I would post some pictures. 

Claire had a birthday -- she turned 10! Hard to believe she is that old as she is still so small. 

One of her gifts was a wagon and she and Bethany have had so much fun with it.

Megan came home from medical school for the weekend. She finally got to meet Bella and Sophia.

I spent some time this week trying to get a few good pictures of Bella and Sophia. It is so hard to get Bella to sit still for even a minute and most of the time Sophia won't even look at me. But, here are a few that I ended up with that I liked.

Today our next door neighbor brought over a bunch of butterfly nets for the kids and they were so excited.

Bethany brought me some flowers (weeds) she found in the yard while playing.

Bella also brought me some flowers today -- with the help of Jordan.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Bath Time For Sophia

When the girls first got here they both hated baths. Sophia realized pretty quickly that it was not that bad to take a bath. Not Bella. She screams and cries loud enough that the neighbors must think I am killing her. Bella actually stands at the bathroom door and cries when I give Sophia her bath -- I guess sympathy cries. As soon as I start running the bath water Bella starts getting anxious and starts to fret.  Sophia takes it all in stride now and I can't say she loves it, but maybe enjoys it just a little.  

Sometimes I think she looks more alert when taking her bath than at any other time. 

She will actually turn around and around some days when bathing. She moves more easily -- it seems. 

She doesn't even mind that water gets in her face when I wash her hair. I always expect her to cry if I accidentally get her her face wet -- but no. She doesn't seem to care. 

She even picked up a toy that one of the kids threw into the tub -- something she rarely ever does. 

By the way, I did have someone very close by in case she slipped. But, she seems to sit up very well when taking her bath. If only Bella could learn to enjoy hers now. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bella's First Hair Cut -- In the US

It was getting to the point that I could no longer see Bella's eyes. She kept rubbing and rubbing her eyes as her hair was in them and she couldn't see well. So, we decided that today was the day that we would get her bangs cut. I figured we would be lucky to just get her bangs cut as I knew she was not going to be happy.
The rest of her hair would be OK as it is. So, we went to the salon and Bella was OK while we waited. 

You might be able to tell how long her bangs had gotten in this picture -- or maybe not, as she is looking down. 

There were so many things to look at and chairs to play on. So, at first she was OK .

Then her turn came and she immediately knew that whatever was going to happen, she didn't want to be a part of it. Not at all!

She calmed down pretty quickly after she was finished and I think she looks better, and at least she can see again. She relaxed in a chair with her brother for a few minutes -- needing a little comfort.

Then she perked up and realized that it was all over and she could have a little fun. She walked around and played and talked to everyone.

Bethany got her hair cut, too. I think she liked the way hers turned out.

Later, Sarah, Caroline and Bethany went to the ice cream store for a little snack. We have not been in quite awhile since it has been so cold.

 I love this last picture of Bella. I took it a few days ago and there is just something about the look on her face that I like so much. She just looks so happy and sweet.