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Monday, June 25, 2012

Bella's Town

I didn't get to spend much time walking around in Bella's town. Actually, I only had a chance to walk for about 45 minutes one day. I did manage to get a few pictures when we walked, and also a few when we would stop at the store on the way to our motel. I liked to stop at the store so I could run outside and take a few photos before we were in the car again. I thought today I would just post some of those photos.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back Home!

We arrived home last night at 7:15 pm. It was nice to be back with family again. We stayed up late talking about the girls and our trip so I didn't get to bed until after midnight and believe it or not I woke up at 4:00am this morning. I couldn't believe it! I thought I would sleep late as we had caught a cab at 3:30am Saturday morning and then traveled for over 19 hours. But, then I started thinking about what time it was in EE. I realized that it may only be 4:00am here, but it was 11:00am there. I guess my body needs to adjust. 

I thought that I would go ahead and post our last two days with Bella now. I didn't really get to post much of her and her orphanage since I could hardly ever get internet. The motel we stayed at claimed we had internet but as much as we would try we just didn't seem to be able to connect. I would stand in one place in the room and it wouldn't work so then I would move to the right and still no internet. Then I would move to the left a little  -- still no internet. Then we tried going outside -- no internet. Finally, I gave up. 

On Thursday we mostly played on the playground with her. She seemed a little under the weather but still enjoyed playing. She had a pretty bad rash and I am not sure what it was. The orphanage director told us it was heat at first but as it got worse said she didn't know what it was but thought it had something to do with her being so light. On Friday I noticed that they had put something on it and I think it helped dry it up some as it had started to bubble and blister. I really don't know what it was but it looked terrible. 

So, the last couple of days with Bella were good. We actually got to take her for a short walk and I took a few pictures of the town. She was in a really good mood on Friday. I think she was getting use to us coming every day -- twice a day. She was always excited to see us and didn't want us to leave. She would usually cling to me when the orphanage workers would come to get her. It was sad to leave her knowing that we would not be back to get her for months. 

Bella on our walk around the town

Bella in front of the orphanage gates

Whoa! is this one big flower pot!

Steps up to the orphanage. The little giraffe was there when we arrived and was still standing when we left!

Upstairs orphanage porch.

Orphanage Courtyard

Friday, June 22, 2012

Back In The City

We got back to the city this afternoon and it was so nice to be able to write family and find out how things are at home. It is good to have Internet again.

Well, this week with Bella was really great! She is one cute kid. She is very loving and will sit and hug me for ten or fifteen minutes straight -- sometimes falling asleep as I hold her. She likes to play this game where she wants to come to me and I hold her-- then after about three minutes she wants to go to Emily and Emily will hold her -- then in about three minutes she wants to go back to me. She will do this over and over and over -- laughing as she does it. She thinks it is a very funny game to play.

I was asked in a comment on my blog how old she is -- she is two. She was two in February. I think she is doing exceptionally well for a two year old with Down syndrome. She is doing better than I expected. She plays well, can walk, babbles, points to things and mimics us. I am impressed. The workers at the orphanage seem to really care about her and I don't think it is a show for us. She is doing better than any child we have ever adopted from EE. This is a real blessing for us as I think Allysen is going to need a lot of attention, have a lot of medical appointments, and need much therapy. Bella will have needs, of course, but she really won't have the number of appointments that Allysen will. So, Bella does seem to be doing well but, of course, she needs a family-- and I am so glad that we will be that family. All children need a family to love them and care for them because even a good orphanage can not replace a family.

Our two weeks here have gone very well but I am definitely ready to go home. I am going to try to write a little more on our visits with Bella later. For now, I will post some pictures from days two and three of our visits. Then later I will post days four and five.

Here are some photos of Bella's orphanage.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

More of Bella

It has been nearly impossible to get a good, if any connection in the village, but I was able to get a couple of photos of Bella and Emily uploaded. Tomorrow we have our final visit with Bella, then we travel back to the capitol where we will have some more paperwork done, and get some rest for an early departure for home on Saturday morning.

Monday, June 18, 2012

We Met Bella!

We are here in the village and we met Bella! She is a chubby little thing and adorable. When they first brought her to us, she looked like she might cry so I was a little hesitant to try to hold her. I gave her a few minutes and then she came to me with no problem. We took her outside to the playground and sat on the swing with her and walked her around some. She was easy to entertain and very content. There is a little playhouse on the playground and we also took her in there. She didn't really want to play in there long though. She really wanted to sit in my lap and swing -- and also Emily's lap. So, toward the end of the visit I just sat on the swing and held her and sang to her and she ended up falling asleep on my lap. She really is very sweet!

Now, there are very few ammenities in the village. Very unlike Allysen's region where just a simple walk around would provide sights of beauty and interest". This is much more rural in nature, but quaint. The pace here is definately slower , like the WiFi.. I guess this is about all there is here next to the village. Actually, this is a village also, but Bella's doesn't have any place to stay. We are suppose to have Internet (I can't even believe it does from the looks of it) but connecting just doesn't always happen. We tried and tried before we finally connected but it does look like it may be a problem. We will just have to keep trying and trying. So, hopefully I will be able to post this week.

I guess we might get some interesting pictures here if we get to walk around. I hope we will be able to walk some in the village that Bella lives in. I guess it depends on if our interpreter minds staying and walking after the visits.

Here are some photos of Bella that I was fortunately able to send out today:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

While We Wait

We have been exploring the city today , So, I think today I will just post some pictures I've taken while here in the city and ones from Allysen's area, and some of Allysen I never posted. -- Waiting is difficult, but tomorrow will bring a lot of excitement

Hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures of Bella! We can't wait to meet her!