Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Peanut Butter, Shutter Hugger and a Little More

This week we actually made peanut butter -- a first for us. It even tasted good and was so easy to make. All we used was peanuts and peanut oil. We put the peanuts in the blender and added oil and then more peanuts and more oil until it seemed to be the right consistency. That was it. So easy but fun. 

My Shutter Hugger came and I couldn't wait to try it out. It was a huge success with Bella. She looked at the little guy almost every time -- sometimes even trying to grab him. For Sophia it was not much of a success. At first, it seemed like she actually looked at the camera for a second or two, but most of the time she didn't care at all. I did get a couple of pics of Sophia actually looking at the camera and that is very unusual for her. 


Bethany had her CF appointment last Thursday and it was a great visit! Her numbers were back up and now we don't have to go back until December. Such good news. We have worked and worked on this  -- extra nebulizers, extra meds, running everyday and extra vest treatments during the day. I guess it worked. 

Bethany and Andrew have been collecting acorns and pine cones to paint and to maybe make a few fall decorations. The problem is that they can't find many. But, I think they had fun looking and planning what they will make. 

Our first, and only, pumpkin so far  -- Bethany is begging to buy more but it just seemed too early.

And last of all, Zola made an apple pie and it smelled so good cooking -- and I don't even like pie. I just love the way it makes the house smell. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Guess What Sophia Finally Got?

Look what Sophia finally got. I just hope they help her stand a little steadier. She still hasn't pulled up since that one day back in June when she actually pulled up to a standing position. But, hopefully it won't be long until she does it again. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seven Months With Bella and Sophia

Bella and Sophia have been home with us for a little over seven months now. I keep thinking I will do an update on each one and how they are doing, but just don't seem to get around to it. But, I do have some pictures of them to share.

Bella is usually smiling at something and has bonded to us very well. She is an unusually easy child -- easy to entertain and plays very well by herself. She loves books and will listen to ANY book -- even an adult book.

I was cleaning my room and Emily found this scarf I had bought for the kids to use for dress up and she put it on Bella. I think she looks pretty cute. 

It is almost impossible to get Sophia to look at you for more than a second. She still makes almost no eye contact. She sees well as we have taken her to the eye doctor and he said her eyes were fine, and she does look at moving objects and a few toys  -- just not people. 

The one thing that seems to make Sophia come alive is water. She loves the pool and will go from staring at the floor and ignoring all of us when in the house to splashing and laughing in the little pool on our deck.  She doesn't even care if the kids splash water in her face. She will miss this pool when autumn finally arrives. So many pool pics posted as this is what she loves. 

As usual, Bella is happy and smiley.

This time last year I was hoping and praying they would be here for Christmas -- which they weren't. Now it is rather exciting for us to think of them here for their first pumpkin carving, apple picking, Thanksgiving and, of course, finally Christmas with a family. Adoption is a wonderful thing!