Friday, June 30, 2017

Goodbye June

"It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside." 
                          Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tib

Sad to see June end when I don't even feel like we have done anything. I had big plans for this summer and it doesn't seem to be happening. I guess we still have two more months to do some things and maybe go to a couple of places. 

We have spent most of the summer here at home. The kids have played outside and when they are really hot they come in and look for things to do - bake, legos, make bracelets and dream catchers. Not much exciting going on, but it is nice to take a break from school. I always loved summer and so I want my kids to have some wonderful memories like I do. Of course, I know that it doesn't take a big trip or money to make a memory that really means something to you. I have memories that seem like nothing, but they were wonderful times to me. One would be walking to the ice cream store with my grandmother on a summer evening. We would get an ice cream cone and then start walking home as we ate it. Along the way, my grandmother would stop on people's porches and talk. I would just sit and listen to my grandmother and her neighbors, but even at a fairly young age I found the evening very enjoyable and still remember it fondly. Small, but meant a lot to me. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

MRI Results

Joey got his MRI results yesterday and the tumor is stable. He was not happy with the results,  but I still felt pretty good. I mean I want it to shrink but at least it is not growing and that is important. I'm not sure why it just stays the same, but as long as it doesn't grow then I can be happy. Thanks to everyone for your prayers as we need them. We pray daily for a miracle. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


We only were at Tybee Island for one night and checked out the next day at 11:00 so our time on the beach was very limited. After we checked out of the hotel, Megan wanted us to meet her in Savannah for a few hours. So, we drove there and got to spend a little more time with her. 

Tomorrow is MRI day for Joey, again. It is always a stressful time for our family. We hope and pray for shrinkage every single time. So far it stays stable but doesn't shrink - though one time they said it looked a tiny bit smaller. I wanted to ask for prayer for him. Please pray for good news. He gets his results tomorrow afternoon. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

More of Tybee Island

Our visit to Tybee was extremely short but the girls had so much fun. The beach was beautiful -- though I did find our hotel very creepy -- pictures on the internet can be very deceiving. Most of the hotels were booked and so I took what I could get. When we got there a little before 9:00 that evening I was pretty much taken back. The entire front of the hotel was dark - not a light. My first thought was -- no way I am staying here. But, it was getting late and I knew there were just about no other places to stay as I had checked hotel after hotel before I left for Georgia. Anyway, we got our key and I decided to make the most of it and at least let the girls see the ocean. 

Our room was ok. Not horrible, but definitely not nice. I think if there had just been some lights in front then I would have felt better. Truthfully, so many of the places there seemed old and run down. But, the beach was so pretty and peaceful. I tried to act like everything was great so Sarah and Bethany wouldn't feel creeped out like I did. I think Sarah had a little trouble with the room at first but seemed to warm up when I acted like it was fine. They ate nachos and cheese in the room and had a coke as a treat, and that along with the Waltons really helped make their night ok. 

If nothing else, I learned that you can make most any place look nice on the internet -- not that the placed looked wonderful. But, it didn't look nearly as creepy in a picture. So, the next time I book a hotel I am going to do a little more investigating. 

I know the girls had a wonderful time on the beach and I am glad we made the short trip over after Megan's graduation. It was an adventure for both of them as we really don't take many trips unless it is just a day trip. I have promised Sarah another trip to the beach sometime as she didn't want to leave. When you get up and get to the beach at 8:00 in the morning, but still have to do an hour of treatments for Bethany and then have to get everything ready to check out by 11:00 you really have very little time.