Sunday, November 27, 2016

Getting Our Christmas Tree

We always get our Christmas tree on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and this year was no different.
We all go to the lot -- including most of our adult children - - and search for the one tree that everyone can agree on. It used to be that we would argue and take sides and everyone had their own favorite, but for the past several years it has just gotten easier and easier. Everyone seems to agree and agree quickly. So, it didn't take long and we had the tree that everyone loved.

Piper and Tess were extremely excited to go. Piper says she has never had a Christmas tree and could not wait to help pick one out. Tess couldn't seem to tell me if she had ever had a tree -- no idea why she didn't seem to know for sure. 

These three were just too cute together -- Madelyn and Joshua with cousin Asher.

I love this picture of my granddaughter, Madelyn. She looks so sweet.

Now I just have to see if I can get someone to put the lights on the tree cause I really don't like putting the lights on and I have already put them on three trees so far -- granted, they weren't very big trees. 

Friday, November 25, 2016


"The kids keep watch out the front window, and when the first car pulls up, they yell, 'They're here!' which starts the dog barking and running in wild circles. The front door opens to snow and hugs and wool scarves smelling of cold, and in tumble small chhildren, followed by moms and dads carrying bowls of cranberry relish and pans with still-warm bread. Everyone kisses their hellos, pulls off coats and mittens, and the dog just keeps on barking, gleeful at the chaos, at the front hall piled with snowy boots, at family, together again." 

                                                                         Cullen Bailey Burns

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Operation Christmas Child and Projects

We have finished our shoebox for Operation Christmas Child just in time to get it delivered to a drop off place. It was fun to pick out the stuff and pack the box - though, our shoebox could not hold all of our stuff. But, I was pretty satisfied with what fit in the box. We haven't done this in several years and I am hoping to bring back this as something we do every Christmas. 

Then this week we tried making a few things for Christmas using jars. I absolutely love jars and anything you can make with them is a plus. So, we got some snow and pulled out some trees we had packed away along with some little figures and some glue and tried our hands at snow globes -- no water. They were actually fun to make but a little delicate for some of the kids. Bethany and Tess did their own and did a very good job. 

Tess was excited to put her globe in her room -- having things she can keep in her room seems very important to Tess. She always asks if she can keep it in her room -- whatever it is we buy or make. But, she made a nice globe totally on her own except for me helping with the glue a little. Piper wasn't very interested, as making things doesn't come as easy to her and sometimes she doesn't really want a challenge. 

I know it seems early to be starting on this stuff, but we have a lot going on in December (as most people do)  and so I figured we might as well get an early start. 

These next two pictures actually have nothing to do with our globes we made -- just threw them in for some reason. 

I only got a couple of pictures after we finished making the globes as it was dark and I almost forgot to take pictures. We made quite a few but I only have pictures of a few of them. I sat them on the mantel until we decide where to put them. The lights are left over from the baby shower I gave and I still haven't taken down. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

A New Baby

Today I have a new grandson -- I guess I mean we have a new grandson. It was unexpected as Kasia was only 36 weeks and we just weren't expecting him yet. He was born this afternoon and is doing well, but is in the NIC unit. I think he will be in the regular nursery tomorrow. He weighed 5lb. 9oz. and is one cute baby.