Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Afternoon

After being stuck inside this past week because of snow and having so many sick kids, I tried to figure out something to do today to either use up some of the kids' energy or give them something to do for a little while. Our new girls don't entertain themselves very well so we have to give them things to do and usually help them learn to do it. So, for some reason I thought of paint.  I got out the paint and they painted rocks. What a mess they made, but they did have fun. 

Tess was pretty intent while painting, but was covered in paint by the time she was done. It was even in her hair! But, she really seemed to like painting.

Bella seemed pretty upset that she made such a mess -- maybe also because I said "Wow, Bella you sure made a big mess." I didn't mean a thing by it, but she quickly got this very sad look. Katie was there to comfort.

Piper was all into this painting -- no uncertainty after we showed her what to do and how to rinse her brush, etc. She jumped right in and enjoyed herself. She has quite a little personality when she feels comfortable. 

Bethany painted a little and then decided to make a puppet. 

As I was taking pictures of them painting at the the table, I realized that 5 countries were represented at that table -- the United States, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and China. 

We realized something kind of funny today. We bought new gas logs this past year. They worked really well when we used them this past fall. But, ever since we came home from China they have been giving us some trouble. The pilot light will not stay on after we turn the fire off. It is kind of a pain, and we have to re-light the pilot light several times a day. We couldn't figure out what was wrong. Well, today we discovered what was wrong -- Tess. She thinks the fire needs to be ALL the way out and she keeps going behind us and blowing out the pilot light! Funny. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Piper and Tess

So, I was going to try to write a little about each girl and her personality. I started writing and then just realized it was useless. I really don't know enough about them to do that. I thought I did, but as I started writing I realized I don't really have much to say as I really know so little at this point. 

What I do know is -- Piper, though seemed so bossy and sure of herself at first, actually seems so very unsure frequently throughout the day. An example -- we spent a little time baking today and several of the kids joined in.

Everybody helped a little at something -- whether it was mixing or adding ingredients or whatever. Piper and Tess were very interested. They both came to join in. Tess seemed very sure of herself and was very anxious for a chance to help. Given the spoon and the batter, Tess took over like she had worked in a bakery. 

Piper also wanted to help, but when given the spoon to mix a little she seemed so uncertain of what to do and almost scared to do anything. It was strange for me as I watched her face -- I have always thought of her as being so bold and aggressive. She sure seemed that way at first, but maybe it was not really her -- I just don't know. 

Piper mixed and helped and seemed to enjoy herself but when she had to do something alone she definitely seemed a little uncertain. This does not seem like the same little girl that ran into our hotel room that first day. She kept looking at me to make sure everything was ok. Just so uncertain. 

They both did seem to enjoy the whole baking process, though. We made several things so everybody would have a chance to help. 

 The girls fight a lot. They still hit and kick all the time. Piper is extremely jealous. She doesn't even like me to take a picture of Tess. When I try, she will run in front of the camera and that makes Tess furious. It takes a little work to get a picture of Tess alone as Piper is always there to join in the picture. As long as I get both girls in the picture, Piper is happy. Just don't leave her out!

It is going to take some time before I really get to know them and can write much about them other than just day to day stuff. We are busy learning about each other and getting to truly know each other and that will take a little time. But, things are going pretty well and I have high hopes that things will get even better.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Elevator

Things have been rather hectic since we got home -- sick kids, CF appointments, etc. I keep meaning to do a post on the girls and how they are doing, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. It will be coming soon, though. 

I ran across this picture of Piper in the elevator and had to post it. It reminds me so much of all the times the girls raced to see who could push the button for the elevators first and then they would jump on as soon as the door would open and try to be the first to push again. They never got tired of the competition. Who could get to the elevators first and then who could jump in first. We had to be careful as several times they raced ahead and almost got in an elevator and left us behind. 

Piper was first this time and you can see by her reflection in the elevator door she was happy!

Friday, January 22, 2016


Outside our front door this morning. 

I really wasn't ready for snow but, oh well. Then I saw Tess sitting at the window watching it snow and she looked so happy. Had to get a picture.

Then out our front door this evening -- and it is still snowing. it doesn't usually snow much here. 

We are still adjusting to getting home. I came home to some sick kids so that made things a little difficult. But, things are going well. Piper and Tess seem to be happy and are playing some. They do have a hard time sitting very long, except when playing with Magformers. They love them. I will update more on both girls soon. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Finally home.



Getting to know each other.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Guangzhou Zoo

We had planned all week to go to the zoo on Friday. Of course, when we got up Friday it was raining. We were not sure whether we would be going or not, but at 11:00 as planned, our guide was here to take us. She came with umbrellas which made it possible for me to take my camera.

The zoo is not far from the hotel so it was a short ride. I had my bag on one shoulder, my umbrella in one hand and my camera in the other hand -- and my camera is heavy. It was a little difficult to get pictures in the rain as I had to hold the umbrella over me to keep my camera dry. But, I did manage to get some I liked and I didn't want to go to the zoo and come back with no pictures. It isn't like we will ever go back.

The girls loved it and it was very nice even in the rain. The walking paths were paved and nice and wide so the girls had plenty of space to run and look. We walked and walked and both girls loved all the animals. Abigail was a little disappointed as the pandas would not come out so we never got to see them -- and that was the one animal she wanted to see. I guess they didn't like the rain.  

There were lots of animals to see and most of them were outside and if they weren't they came out before we left. As soon as we got to the elephants' house, one walked out the door. Both girls were pretty excited. He then walked over and went right back inside, but at least they saw him. 

Towards the end of our walk we came to some rides and, of course, both girls wanted to ride them. I let them ride several as it wasn't really raining very hard, though the rides were rather wet. Both Piper and Tess loved riding and I would imagine it was their first time. They didn't want to stop and were rather irritated with me when I said "no more." 

It was a pleasant day and I'm glad we went in spite of the rain. It was a nice end to our time in China. Now, it is almost time to come home. We won't be doing anymore sightseeing -- just getting everything in order to leave. I am ready and so are both girls -- Abigail, too.