Thursday, May 10, 2012

Verbal Approval!

Today we got the news that we have verbal approval! I am so happy. Now we just wait for written approval and then we travel. It is getting closer and closer. Then to make things even better we got updated pictures of Allysen. The only picture we have of her is pretty old and I have been wanting some new pictures of her. What more could I ask for today -- verbal approval and pictures on top of that. 

Allysen (Soon to be Sofia)


  1. So happy for you on the verbal approval. :) SHE IS GORGEOUS!

  2. Happy, happy news! And BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That's wonderful news Sharon! A good day indeed. Allysen is beautiful.

  4. She's so beautiful! I'm sure it was great to have new pictures. Hope you get your travel dates soon!

  5. I am so excited about your new pictures! And even more excited about your Verbal approval :-) That is great!


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