Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day Three With Allysen

We were back to see Allysen first thing this morning. She seemed very tired today and wasn't really interested in playing much. She didn't want anything to do with sitting up alone and refused to try. She mainly just wanted to sit on our laps and rest her head on us. So we mostly held her and sang to her.

We got to visit with a couple of the other kids today and took a few pictures for their families. That was fun. The workers were very friendly and we really enjoyed our time on the playground with them, Allysen and the other kids today. 

 Our Hotel


  1. I'm noticing a trend with her wearing purple every day! So cute. I love the picture with both of your daughters looking at the camera - just beautiful! Physically she looks very healthy and well-fed, etc. Do you think she might be a little under the weather or that the change in her routine is tiring her out? How many more days will you be visiting with her?


    1. I do think maybe the change in routine (being out so long and played with for almost 3 hours)may have made her a little tired. She is definitely ready for lunch and nap when we leave. we will be leaving here Friday afternoon.


  2. She's adorable! And I miss Bulgaria!


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