Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Tea

Every year we have Christmas Tea at the Jefferson Hotel here in Richmond. I don't actually remember how many years we have done this as it just seems like we always have. Only the girls go and only girls that are old enough -- and I decide what is old enough. This year was Caroline's first year to go and also the first year for my daughter-in-law Shannon. 

The hotel is beautifully decorated in a traditional Christmas manner. You can walk around and look at all the decorations and visit the gift shop -- Sarah and Caroline really liked the train made totally of gingerbread and candy. They also enjoyed just walking up and down the huge set of steps and visiting the gift shop. It is something that all the girls look forward to every year. My daughter, Meredith, is expecting her first little girl sometime in the next few weeks, and I know that one day she will be bringing her daughter to Christmas Tea. It really is a lovely tradition. 

Several of my older girls couldn't make it, as they are away at school, or live in a different state. I do miss having all of them there. This is a tradition that I think we will continue for a long, long time as young and old can enjoy this celebration of Christmas together and it makes the little ones feel so special. 

Daughter-in-law Shannon

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  1. Beautiful! LOVE the picture of Caroline and Sarah peeking out the window!


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