Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week One With Bella And Sophia

We have been pretty busy this past week with Bella and Sophia, but things have calmed down a little. Sophia  has a lot of doctor appointments coming up in the next month. She has had her first check up and at 4 years and 10 months she is 36 inches long and weighs 29 pounds. She is actually longer than I thought she was. I thought she would wear a size 3 pj's, but she is wearing a size 4. Her pediatrician thinks she may not be seeing with her right eye and also thinks she may have CP, in addition to Down syndrome. We will know more after we have had all of our appointments. She is doing well, but we did have a feeding specialist come to our home as Sophia would not take a drop of liquid. She is now taking small amounts by spoon and we are adding milk, water and juice to any food we can. She eats very well. 

Bella has not had her check up yet as she went for a sick visit first. She has an ear infection and is on medication.  She will have her check up the end of this week. She is doing well, though. It is very obvious to me that she has received good care. She really is an amazing little girl considering that she has spent her entire life in an institution. She is eating pretty well -- though she didn't at first. She also did not drink very much her first few days here, and we had to really work hard to get enough liquids in her. I did learn that she hates the sippy cup and doesn't really like a bottle, but drinks best out of a glass or regular cup. So, she is drinking better since I realized this. 

I will just post some pictures from their first week here and update later when we know more.

On Saturday I kept my granddaughter, Reagan, for the first time. Of course, I took some pictures. 


  1. Seeing the girls at home, in bright cheerful clothes, then outside to enjoy fresh air, then with their big sisters ... it all brings tears to my eyes. Honestly. Please keep the updates coming. Sophia looks so much better to me than she did when you visited with her.

    Do you think the girls remembered Emily? I love the picture of her with Sophia.

    They both have gorgeous thick hair (something this mom of a nearly 2 year old daughter --- who is practically bald --- can appreciate!).

    Reagan is adorable too!

    Sue H.

    1. We wondered if they remembered Emily but couldn't really tell. They both did go to her -- especially Sophia.

  2. I am so glad things are going well! I love seeing your pictures! Amy

  3. Oh, Wow! The girls look great. It's so nice to see them home. They both look beautiful and happy. They're going to do so well. You must be so happy to have them home.


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