Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Gift

Look what Sophia gave Bill for Father's Day! She was sitting on the floor, then pulled up to her knees -- which she has been doing for awhile -- then pulled up to a standing position. Unbelievable! She has shown no signs of being even close to this. When we had her evaluated a few weeks ago, the PT didn't seem to have a lot of hope that Sophia would ever walk and now this. What a blessing this was today as I have been rather discouraged lately. What a wonderful Father's Day present!


  1. Amazing! What a gift! It will be amazing to see her grow and get stronger. She'll probably continue to surprise everyone.

  2. Wonderful! You and your family are obviously performing miracles for little Sophia. What a lucky little girl! ;-)

  3. Yay Sophia! What a fantastic surprise. She seems to be studying that picture frame very intently.

    Sue H.


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