Friday, July 26, 2013

Summertime Play

No matter how hot or humid it is - the kids still love to play outside. They have spent this week playing in the house they made of logs and tree stumps and a few paving stones -- so easily pleased. 


  1. Aaaw! Looks delicious! :o) Do you have to worry about ticks and Lyme where you are? That always ruins it for me. And West Nile is here now- those bad mosquitoes. So ours play on our big deck mostly. (((HUGS)))

    1. We don't have too many mosquitoes as we have someone spray every 21 days -- and it actually doesn't cost much. The spray also helps with ticks but doesn't get rid of all of them. Before we sprayed, I found ticks on the kids several days a week but haven't found any since we sprayed. It doesn't totally get rid of all mosquitoes -- especially since it has rained so much this summer -- but, we have very few.

  2. Love these pictures. I love having spaces in my yard that don't have to be tidy and presentable where the kids can dig and make a fort or just make a mess.


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