Monday, October 21, 2013

A Walk In The Woods

I have been telling the kids we will take a walk in the woods and enjoy the autumn days but just hadn't taken the time to do it. So, on Sunday we finally made it. It was early evening and a beautiful day for a walk. We live in the city, but have some really pretty woods just behind our house. It seems to actually have been an old farm or something -- it even has a small family cemetery on the property. Some of the grave markers actually predate the Civil War. There is also an old abandoned piece of farm machinery and an outbuilding. We enjoyed our walk very much and I'm glad I finally took the time to take some of the kids. 

Starting to get dusky in the woods so we head home.

Back home. I love to see the lights coming on in all the houses as evening comes. 


  1. Another post of your amazing photography! So I recognize Bethany and many of your older girls with DS but who is the cutie in the green dress and blonde hair? I've seen her before but I'm not sure who she is.

    1. That would be Claire -- our US private adoption. We got her at three months old. Claire and Bethany wear the exact same size and even wear the same size shoe -- kind of nice.

  2. Beautiful walk! Thanks for sharing! My grandma had a pink house- I always wanted a pink house- you rarely see them anymore! At our lake property there is a sub-division rule about what colors you can paint your house. :o( Our house here has been green for over 40 years. We figured if we change it now no one will find us! :o) (((HUGS)))