Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fresh Air

I think the cold weather is over for us -- at least I hope so. Everybody is excited to get outside and play or take a walk, etc. I bought a jump rope and the kids are having a blast with such a simple thing. They have had so much fun that I have ordered two more. 

Andrew and Bethany went to inspect the outdoor kitchen they made last summer. It doesn't look good -- leaves everywhere, everything dirty, sticks all over the place, etc. 

So, they decided to clean. But, with so many leaves and branches and everything being so dirty, it will take a while. They spent the afternoon getting leaves and sticks out of the kitchen and organizing a little, and washing a few things. 

Andrew even broke up some wood and stacked it. He said it was so they could build a fire in their kitchen -- not really -- just pretend.

Even Bethany's fairy house is a mess, but she didn't get around to cleaning that yet. She said she would do that another day -- after the kitchen is finished.

Zola and Jordan took a little time to rest on the hammock. We left it up all winter long and it still looks good. I am surprised. 

I love this time of year when everything blooms and I know that summer is near. When the kids can run and play outside with no coats or boots. 

Oh, I almost forgot. Bethany, as usual, found a worm. If it crawls or flies or swims, she will find it and want to make it her pet. 

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