Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I think of blogging frequently, but either I don't have much to say or I think of something I really want to write about and then by the time I can get around to it the idea doesn't seem very interesting anymore. So, I end up doing nothing. 

I actually used my blog as a journal when adopting Bella and Sophia and sometimes when we are trying to remember when something happened I pull up my blog and find it -- dates, pictures and everything. So, I am hoping to continue -- if only for my younger kids that like to look at it and go back and remember all the things we have done and maybe books we have read, etc. Also, I do love to put up pictures of all the kids and the everyday things we do. 

Since it has warmed up and now we go outside everyday I have started taking pictures again. The grandkids have been over to play and we have cooked out and even gone to eat on the patio up the street and get ice cream -- my camera batteries died before I could get hardly any ice cream pictures.

We have had lots of time with family. On Sunday everyone came over and we cooked out. The kids ran and played and we sat on the porch and watched. Being Mother's Day I had gotten lots of flowers, candy and gift cards. I went out and sat with some of the kids and just watched everyone running around and thought about how blessed I am -- beautiful day, family over and everyone enjoying each other. I couldn't really ask for more. It was a wonderful day. 

Bethany showing Kasia the fairy house she made.

Madelyn is getting so big. I feel like I didn't see her much for a couple of months because everybody was sick. So glad that we are all well and I can enjoy seeing my granddaughter again.

Andrew buried Bethany in the sand and she loved it. The next day she buried him.

Michael getting a picture before he and Kasia leave for home. Sarah loves Kasia and probably drives Kasia crazy talking to her and acting really, really silly around her. 

A few pictures from the evening my daughter Meredith and I took some of the kids to eat and get ice cream.

Reagan -- she didn't care for that yucky looking pizza her mom got her and I don't blame her.

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