Friday, July 24, 2015

Pool Fun?

Granddaughter, Reagan, visited yesterday while her mom ran to the gym. I thought she and Bella might like to get into the little pool on our deck. So, I took off their clothes, got the swim diapers on them and put them in. I could see immediately that Reagan loved the water. 

Bella is a little more timid than Reagan when she first gets into the pool. She has to warm up to the experience. Reagan jumped right in and got started splashing water everywhere -- but, especially on Bella. 

Bella was ok at first -- for maybe a couple of minutes.

It didn't take her long to tire of the splashing game -- especially since she was the one getting all of the splashing. 

One of them was having fun even if the other one wasn't. 

Bella tried to get a little revenge, but she wasn't very good at it and Reagan couldn't have cared less.

I know at least one of them had a blast. Reagan ended her pool time with a popsicle.

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