Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Operation Christmas Child and Projects

We have finished our shoebox for Operation Christmas Child just in time to get it delivered to a drop off place. It was fun to pick out the stuff and pack the box - though, our shoebox could not hold all of our stuff. But, I was pretty satisfied with what fit in the box. We haven't done this in several years and I am hoping to bring back this as something we do every Christmas. 

Then this week we tried making a few things for Christmas using jars. I absolutely love jars and anything you can make with them is a plus. So, we got some snow and pulled out some trees we had packed away along with some little figures and some glue and tried our hands at snow globes -- no water. They were actually fun to make but a little delicate for some of the kids. Bethany and Tess did their own and did a very good job. 

Tess was excited to put her globe in her room -- having things she can keep in her room seems very important to Tess. She always asks if she can keep it in her room -- whatever it is we buy or make. But, she made a nice globe totally on her own except for me helping with the glue a little. Piper wasn't very interested, as making things doesn't come as easy to her and sometimes she doesn't really want a challenge. 

I know it seems early to be starting on this stuff, but we have a lot going on in December (as most people do)  and so I figured we might as well get an early start. 

These next two pictures actually have nothing to do with our globes we made -- just threw them in for some reason. 

I only got a couple of pictures after we finished making the globes as it was dark and I almost forgot to take pictures. We made quite a few but I only have pictures of a few of them. I sat them on the mantel until we decide where to put them. The lights are left over from the baby shower I gave and I still haven't taken down. 

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