Saturday, August 5, 2017

Things They Share

When we first adopted Tess and Piper I always thought, for some reason I'm not sure of, that Piper and Bethany would bond and play well and like a lot of the same things. I also thought that Tess would love the fact that Andrew likes legos and snap circuits and building things. She reminded me of a girl that would really like to build all kinds of stuff. Anyway, Piper and Bethany do play together but not anywhere as much as I thought they would, and Bethany and Tess seem to play much more - especially dolls. But, Andrew and Tess did not bond over legos or snap circuits or even building a robot -- they bonded over cooking. Andrew loves to cook and bake and Tess absolutely loves to bake. She asks several times a week to cook and she and Andrew are usually the two starting something. The others join in most of the time, but it is Andrew and Tess that enjoy it so much. It is really nice to see them together having so much fun and then talking about what they will make next. I think these kids are starting to really bond to each other - at least I hope so. 

This week they made brownies and a cherry pie. They especially enjoyed making the pie. It looked good and smelled good, but since I don't like pie I didn't taste it. All the kids said it was delicious. 

Now they want to make ice cream - something we used to do all the time but haven't in quite a long time. 

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