Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Alike Than Not

I remember when Sarah was born, the geneticist came to the hospital to visit us. There was one thing she said that I have always remembered, and understand more today than I did then. She said, "Your daughter will be more "like" your other children than "not like" your other children. She was so right.

                                                               We Have Dance Recitals

                                                               We Like To Swing High

                                                        We Like To Play With Our Dolls

                                                              We Like To Play Outside

                                                            We Like To Frost Cupcakes

                                                           We Can Climb High In Trees

                                                              We Like To Blow Bubbles

                                                         We Tell Secrets To Each Other

                                                                       We Fly Kites

                                                         We Like To Fix Our Sister's Hair

                                                Sometimes We're Quiet and Contemplative

And Sometimes We're Happy and Silly



  1. Wow, your family is absolutely beautiful! Love this post. :-) Thanks for following me! I'm now following your blog and look forward to reading more!

    1. Becca, I was at the hospital today with Sarah having more tests done -- ultrasound and checking her blood to make sure the blood thinner is still at the right dose and just happened upon your blog. I really enjoyed reading it as we waited and Sarah loved looking at the pictures. It is so nice to find a new blog to enjoy.

  2. Hi there, I know that this post is from last year, but I just wanted to let you know that I featured it on my blog here:

    I re-posted it on my blog because it is very inspiring to me and I love it to pieces. It's actually really special to me, even though it's your work. Your family is just so beautiful! Equality is beautiful too, and I wish there were more posts like yours out there that put a spotlight on the positive because it breaks down many misconceptions and barriers caused by them that people may have. I really hope you don't mind that I linked to it. If it is a problem please let me know and I will take it down.


    1. Axela, what a nice thing to say about this post. Of course I don't mind you posting this on your blog. I wish more people felt like you do.


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