Monday, April 30, 2012

Benefit Concert

The benefit concert went really well on Saturday. We had a good turnout and my son, Michael, played a variety of music - from Ragtime to Rachmaninoff. I was so proud and grateful that Michael cared enough that he took the time to do this concert for us. As I watched him play, and then looked around at my children, I again felt so blessed - - Bethany resting on me, Claire with her head resting on Bethany, Sarah signing "I love you" to Emily (because I told her she better be QUIET), and Caroline and Sarah giving each other little smiles. It is a beautiful sight to see my older children and little ones all together supporting their brother. 

A love offering was taken and $1,860.00 was donated for Bella and Allysen. I was astounded. I never dreamed that people would be so generous. I am so thankful. We have truly been blessed.


  1. Wow! That's incredible!! Congratulations!

  2. That's wonderful! Praise God! Any luck getting a picture of Allysen???

    1. I think they leave on Friday so it will probably be next week before we hear anything about Allysen. I can't wait to see a new picture of her -- if they get to meet her. I know there is the possibility that the orphanage director will not let them see her but I don't think that will happen.

  3. What a wonderful fundraiser! You have such amazing kids. Hats off to your son for performing!

    Sue H.


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