Friday, August 23, 2013

Closing Weeks of Day Long Play

We start school in another week and so the days of playing all day long play are coming to an end. I am sorry to see summer end, but kind of ready for fall at the same time. I think I have enjoyed this summer of doing almost nothing more than my daughter that suggested it. I have spent more time watching the kids just play and have paid more attention to all the things they have built and put together. So this is the end of long days with almost nothing to do.

They are filling up these last days with riding bikes in our back yard.

Making coffee and tea.

Making houses, bridges and rivers and lakes for the fairies.

Making crafts.

Sophia and Bella love to be on the front porch -- Sophia actually cries when we bring her in.

Resting and relaxing.


  1. That is so interesting about Sophia. Anya did the same thing for a long time. They told me at school that she cried when they brought her in from recess. I think they spent a lot of time outside.

  2. look at how long and lush and pretty sophia's hair is now!!! so exciting to see her really blooming :-)