Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Evening Walk

Today was a messy and rainy day. I think I have cabin fever or something. I just wanted to get out and do something -- take a walk, go to the farmer's market or anything. I think this has something to do with having a new camera and not much to photograph -- other than the kids inside the house. Finally, the rain stopped and the sky brightened a little and I took a few of the kids on a quick walk around the neighborhood.

Bethany took her doll for a walk with us since she got a new stroller for Christmas. 

We hadn't walked far when Bethany found a little birdhouse hidden away from the street. 

Back home again. Short walk, but so nice to get out.

I guess it is time to do a one year home post on Bella and Sophia. Hard to believe it has been almost a year since they got here. Next post -- their update. 

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  1. Cute pictures of the girls with their "babies!"

    Sue H.