Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bella -- 16 Months Home

Bella has been home for 16 months now and things are still going great. She is happy, content, charming, easy to please, eats almost anything, plays well by herself and with others and seems to be bonded with all of us. 

Her adjustment here has been amazingly easy -- except for the first week or so. I feel she must have been loved and well cared for in her orphanage to be so well adjusted. If she wasn't, then it really is amazing how well she has done and how loving she is. 

I can't imagine not having this child. She is dearly loved. 

Decided to walk over to the ice cream store after feeding the ducks. Bella loves ice cream. 

Brain freeze -- she was so excited she was taking quite big bites. 

After the ice cream we walked a few minutes -- then back down the path to the duck pond and the car to go home.

I love honeysuckle. It reminds me of summers spent at my grandmother's house in Tennessee. 

Sophia's turn next time. Just thought I would do them separately as I didn't want to post too many pictures and I have so many I wanted to post. Don't want to go overboard. 


  1. Bella is so beautiful, as are all of your children. She looks so full of life. I love her eyes!

  2. Beautiful :) She is gorgeous!!!

  3. Absolutely precious. she's grown so much!!

  4. She is beautiful! Can I ask what city she is from? (((((HUGS)))))))

    1. She is from Vetren -- a small village.

  5. My son is home 6 months from Vetren


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