Thursday, June 5, 2014

Miracles In Motion Dance Recital

On Sunday our girls had their dance recital with Miracles In Motion. It was really great. I am so glad my girls have this group to dance with. It is something that all three of them love and can do together. We are already talking about when we can start Bella. Kim has done a wonderful job working with all the kids -- and there are a lot of kids. She knows how to get even the most stubborn kids to cooperate and that is something that is not easy. We really appreciate all she has done for Sarah, Caroline and Claire. 

I am going to post some pictures today and maybe some tomorrow as I don't want to overload with too many pictures at once.  I think that Sarah, Caroline and Claire are in only one of the pictures in this batch. It was kind of hard for me to get good pictures this time as they were not up on a stage and I was level with them and always seemed to have someone or part of someone in front of me -- so lots of my pictures had other people's arms or heads in them. I also had a very high ISO so the pictures are rather grainy.

(See More Recital Photos Here)

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