Saturday, March 25, 2017

Their Outdoor Kitchen

Yesterday and today the girls worked in their outdoor kitchen to get it cleaned up and ready to use again this spring. It was in pretty bad shape and so they spent several hours cleaning up and making their oven and whatever else they wanted. I went down after a few hours and they were busy making green tea they told me -- water and green leaves off the trees. 

Tess was having so much fun. She was cleaning and cooking and mixing up all kinds of stuff. She definitely loves this kitchen and now she and Bethany are talking about a table and chairs. They wanted to get logs off our pile of old logs at the back of our yard, but I was a little worried about spiders so I asked them to wait. 

They spent the entire afternoon outside in their kitchen. I watched and took pictures and just enjoyed watching their enthusiasm. I know that too soon for me they will no longer want to play in their kitchen so I enjoy these moments as long as I can. 

Piper is still unable to get up and out. She props her leg up as much as possible and is still drinking and drinking. We have another doctor appointment on Monday plus a lab appointment, too. We are hoping this is the week she starts to improve.

Meredith brought Reagan over for a little while so she came down to the kitchen to play, too. 

Abgail came home and brought her duck outside. Reagan was thrilled to see him and chased him all over the yard trying to pick him up. 

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