Saturday, April 29, 2017

Beautiful Saturday

Today was a beautiful and hot day -- 93 degrees. Andrew, Tess and I went and bought some barrels to use for our strawberries. We brought them home and Andrew had to repair one as it had a slight defect, but they were the only two left so I bought both anyway. 

The kids played outside almost all day long, though it was really hot. I love these days that remind me of summer. I sat on the porch and watched the kids play and just talked with them as they ran up and down to the porch to tell me things every few minutes. 

Meredith came by with her kids and we visited. Then they stayed to eat hot dogs and chips since we cooked out. The kids played till it was almost dark. Bethany found a frog and she and Reagan were busy trying to hold it and play with it. The ducks were out walking around so the kids played with them a little. All in all it was a very nice day.

Unfortunately, Joey can not start his chemo on time -- this Monday. His numbers are too low so he will have to have blood work done again and see what happens. Hopefully, he will only be delayed by a week. 

Some pictures I took today -- the kids are very dirty in most of them as they were out in the yard and dirt and climbing trees all day long. Actually, as I look, only my kids are real dirty. Meredith's kids - my grandkids - are fairly clean. 

I thought I would throw in a couple of Luke I took this week when I was keeping him - even though he wasn't here to play today.


  1. Beautiful.Love the pics. Dirty kids are happy kids. I don't understand many of today's kids that don't play outside. Our backyard is wooded and natural and dirty and our kids would rather be there than anywhere else.

    1. Same here. I do sometimes wish we had more
      wooded area but mine still seem to find lots to do.

  2. Love the pictures! Children should be covered in dirt and band-aids at all times! Sophia smiling, so beautiful. I hope Joey's numbers rebound and his chemo can continue soon.


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