Friday, April 7, 2017

Yesterday In Pictures

It has been nice watching all the kids play together since John got here from Washington. That means we have two more grandkids here with us. As the days get warmer the kids play out more and more. I have pictures on my phone I am going to try to post tomorrow of the cousins playing together. I saw them as I drove home from Lowes yesterday and I stopped to visit for a minute. But, I haven't gotten Bill to size the pictures and I don't know how. But, here are some pictures of the kids at our house playing yesterday. 

Bethany coming up to the house to get some stuff for her kitchen. She has done a lot of work in it lately, and even the girls next door have been coming over everyday to play in it. 

Cousins looking out the window together.

My son, John, and his daughter Evelyn.

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  1. I love to see pictures of children playing and being allowed to get dirty. As a child care provider, I have always believed kids should be covered in dirt and band-aids at all times! Your son is very handsome. I hope and pray your other son is doing better every day.