Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fairy Houses and Ducks

Bethany has been working on a fairy house for days now, but I haven't gotten out to see it. Today I walked outside to see what it was that she had spent so much time on lately. She was out back working on the fairy house. Today Piper, Bella, and Claire were helping a little but mostly looking. Bethany was quite proud of her house and she has spent hours and hours entertained out there just fixing it up. I found it rather cute.

They had to stop working on it as it started pouring down rain. Bethany even ran out in the rain to make sure her house was not leaking and it wasn't.

After dinner most of the kids went out to the porch and sidewalk to play in their jammies. It was nice after the rain. 

After a few minutes Andrew came around front with the ducks and they spent the next 30 minutes playing with them. Nice ending to our day -- except Andrew, Jordan and Bethany had their math tutor coming so they still had some school to do. 

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