Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day and A Birthday

We had a cookout and a birthday party on Memorial Day. Bethany had a birthday and I don't usually blog about birthdays but since we celebrated hers on Memorial Day I will this time. It was a nice day and we all enjoyed visiting with each other. Unfortunately, a few couldn't be here because of sickness or work or even going to the airport. 

We did Bethany's birthday first and even ate cake and ice cream before we cooked. Just decided we would do that as all the kids wanted to. 

After cake and ice cream we cooked and the kids went outside to let the balloons go. 

Brother and Sister -- they used to play together all the time as kids -- Emily was quite the tomboy. 

I am so glad my kids are so close to each other and enjoy spending time together. It makes our family cookouts so much more fun.

I also love that our grandkids can spend time here and play with their cousins and aunts and uncles and everyone seems to have fun and get along -- most of the time. 

Bethany got a fairy house door and steps for her birthday and she put it together and got it set up before the night was over. 


  1. Bethany is sure growing up! Is she 11 now? I think I counted candles right :) The doll and box look familiar, do you order from Paradise Galleries? My daycare girls always want one of those dolls for Christmas, so we have had many come through the door! Love the quality.

    1. I know! Bethany is getting so big. I keep telling her to slow down.
      And, yes, it is a Paradise doll. She loves them and has quite a collection.


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