Wednesday, July 5, 2017

One Early Summer Evening

Monday evening was one of those evenings that makes the day end right no matter what has happened. I had Evelyn and Liam that day and in the late afternoon Joey and Shannon came by with their two - Joshua and Madelyn. As usual, they all went out and played and since Liam and Joshua are the same age they really love to play with each other. Sometime, early evening, Andrew hung the hose over the porch railing to water my hydrangeas that were planted about a month ago. Of course, the kids started sticking their hands in the water and then their feet and faces until one thing led to another and the hose was off the porch and in someone's hands. 

They had a blast. We let them do whatever they wanted, but did make them take turns holding the hose as nobody wanted to give it up. They ran and played and screamed for probably an hour and a half. They were having so much fun we had to go outside just to watch for a little while. It was a beautiful sight for me - my grandkids and my kids all running and playing together and having so much fun. Evelyn wasn't real interested in getting squirted and Madelyn stood off a little at first but Joshua, Liam, Piper and Bethany were all over the hose. Loved it. 

They were having so much fun we hated to make them stop. Joey and Shannon had to get their kids home and bathed and I mentioned that my daughter, Megan, used to take shampoo outside and wash hair after the kids played in the hose. They loved it and then didn't really need a bath. So, we got the shampoo and Shannon washed Madelyn's and Joshua's hair. 

It was a wonderful ending to a summer day and I knew this would be a night the kids would remember and so would I. 

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