Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Swing

My oldest son built a swing in his yard and asked us to come by and see it. So, I took Sarah and Bethany and rode over to take a look. It is a beautiful swing and Sarah and Bethany loved it. I would love a swing like this in my backyard, but I just don't have the big sturdy trees they have. I will probably have to have a frame built as I just can't seem to find a nice, big strong branch. After watching them swing for a little while I decided I really needed to get ours up -- I actually bought one last year and it is still sitting in the utility room waiting to be put up. 

They have a really great yard. We enjoyed walking around and Bethany loved running and playing there -- Sarah's not a fan of lots of exercise so she sat on the swing and porch a lot. 

They have lots of trees and vines and thorn bushes -- a great place for kids to run and play and use their imagination. 

Shannon and Madelyn out front as we get ready to leave. 

Bethany and Sarah have asked several times about going back to swing and now Caroline is asking when she can go. I guess I better get our swing up soon. 

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