Tuesday, June 6, 2017


This past Saturday John stopped by with his kids - Liam and Evelyn. Then Joey came by with Joshua while Madelyn was napping and Meredith came with Reagan and Asher. All the kids played while we had some time to talk. It was a very nice day. 

Joey has had a hard week and could use prayer as he is back on his chemo this week.  He has been so tired for the past week that it is hard for him to do much. But, he made it for a nice visit on Saturday. He was actually ready to leave so he could go home to rest,  but Joshua was having such a good time he said he wanted to stay a little longer for him. Please remember him in your prayers. It seems that it gets harder and harder for him to do the chemo. 

I have meant to blog our books for the month of May and just haven't seemed to get around to it. Maybe in the next day or so I will -- and our mark-my-time bookmark. 

Joshua decided he wanted to help Andrew while he was here. Andrew had planned a day of baking on Saturday and spent most of the day in the kitchen. Kids came and went helping him, but Joshua decided baking was lots of fun and helped for most of the time he was here. I love to watch kids in the kitchen - and take pictures of them. 

Everybody was either running around the yard playing or in the kitchen making cookies and brownies except I looked out and there was Asher playing in the dirt all by himself and definitely having fun. 

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  1. Aww, extra prayers for Joey this week, I hope he starts to feel better!


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