Tuesday, June 13, 2017

More of Tybee Island

Our visit to Tybee was extremely short but the girls had so much fun. The beach was beautiful -- though I did find our hotel very creepy -- pictures on the internet can be very deceiving. Most of the hotels were booked and so I took what I could get. When we got there a little before 9:00 that evening I was pretty much taken back. The entire front of the hotel was dark - not a light. My first thought was -- no way I am staying here. But, it was getting late and I knew there were just about no other places to stay as I had checked hotel after hotel before I left for Georgia. Anyway, we got our key and I decided to make the most of it and at least let the girls see the ocean. 

Our room was ok. Not horrible, but definitely not nice. I think if there had just been some lights in front then I would have felt better. Truthfully, so many of the places there seemed old and run down. But, the beach was so pretty and peaceful. I tried to act like everything was great so Sarah and Bethany wouldn't feel creeped out like I did. I think Sarah had a little trouble with the room at first but seemed to warm up when I acted like it was fine. They ate nachos and cheese in the room and had a coke as a treat, and that along with the Waltons really helped make their night ok. 

If nothing else, I learned that you can make most any place look nice on the internet -- not that the placed looked wonderful. But, it didn't look nearly as creepy in a picture. So, the next time I book a hotel I am going to do a little more investigating. 

I know the girls had a wonderful time on the beach and I am glad we made the short trip over after Megan's graduation. It was an adventure for both of them as we really don't take many trips unless it is just a day trip. I have promised Sarah another trip to the beach sometime as she didn't want to leave. When you get up and get to the beach at 8:00 in the morning, but still have to do an hour of treatments for Bethany and then have to get everything ready to check out by 11:00 you really have very little time. 


  1. Hello! Sharon :o)Finally stopping by to "catch" up on your beautiful family. I am always praying for your precious Joey. I remember him each day as I think of my SP's (Sandra) brain tumor and her quality of life. I often wonder if her poor level of medical care/concern is due to her being on medical assistance, medicare, age, and/or being mentally ill and developmentally delayed. I tell the Drs, if it was me, I'd expect more than MRIs every 6 months. They won't even keep her at the hospital to collect a 24 hr urine analysis. :o( Sorry to put all this frustration in this comment. I just wanted you to know I have been and continue to pray for your sweet son, and his family. (((HUGS))) and Love- Elizabeth in Minnesota

    1. Joey does get an MRI every two months, but I sometimes feel
      Like his doctors don't listen to his concerns. I guess they are busy
      and he is just another patient. I think about you and your kids often.

    2. Oh, and thanks so much for your prayers for Joey. Please continue to pray.


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