Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a nice Christmas for what was going on. The sickness we had continued and my daughter from Georgia and her son and my mother ended up sick. My daughter and mother on Christmas day so we could not go to my mom's house as we usually do. Our kids really missed going over as it is what we always do, but it could not be helped. So everyone stayed at our house and we had a pleasant time with the family that could be here. It was different, but at least a lot of us were together. Joey felt well enough by the afternoon to visit and that was really nice, as we were uncertain if he would make it at all. There were good times, but we were all sad that we couldn't all be together.

The sickness has continued and unfortunately Joey ended up with it. We tried so hard to keep him well. But, sometime early this morning he got sick and now can't get his chemo. Hopefully, he will be able to get it next week.

Thought I would post a few pictures from Christmas morning. These were taken early before everyone arrived. Once people started getting here I got busy and didn't take many pictures. 

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