Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas - Day 16

Today we went to see Santa with friends and had lunch afterwards. It was pretty hectic but fun, and every year my kids look forward to this. We have gone with the same friends for so many years I can't even remember going without them. Usually, some of my grown children go with us but this year several couldn't make it. I wanted to get pictures of the kids seeing Santa but they would not allow it - I did get one or two before they told me I couldn't take any. So, I don't really have many to post. 

After we ate lunch we all went back to my house to decorate gingerbread houses and large gingerbread men. Piper and Tess were so excited about doing this. They talked about it for weeks. I think everyone had a great time making and decorating the houses. It is a real mess but worth it as the kids enjoy doing this so much. 

This is a rather picture heavy post but it was hard to decide what pictures to post. This was an easy day for doing our "special thing". We spent the entire day doing this and my kids are still talking about doing more tomorrow. We will see.

My two grandchildren from Washington came to visit for Christmas, and they made it over while we were decorating. It was so nice to see them. None of the family has ever met this little girl - Evelyn - and she is such a little doll. That is what my oldest daughter called her. She said she is like a little doll

Her brother Liam was here for Thanksgiving one year but it has been awhile since we have seen him and now he is talking and talking. We are blessed that they will be here through Christmas.

It was a nice day and I am tired now but happy that almost all my children are home for Christmas. My daughter, Megan, will be here in about a week with her husband and baby.

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