Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas - Day 7

Today we just made Rice Krispies Treats. I was in the grocery store last night and saw the cereal and knew that was what we would do today, as it would be really easy and we had several appointments this morning. The only thing I did wrong was not double the batch so it really wasn't enough. But, everyone got at least one piece. 

We put Sophia in the high chair so she could watch as she seemed interested today. At one point she actually grabbed a marshmallow and pushed it in her mouth. We had to get it out as she will not chew and would have ended up choking on it. We did give her some small pieces that would not choke her. She just lets them sit in her mouth until they pretty much disolve.

Some of the kids just watched until they could stir in the cereal. That was pretty easy except it was really thick and sticky. 

Piper absolutely loved these. We definitely should have made more. 

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  1. Your house always seems like such a fun, warm place to be. What a great family. It is so nice to see Sophia, I always wonder how she is doing :)